Spatial references not matching in the same feature class

02-22-2024 10:54 AM
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Should the spatial reference you get from the feature class definition match the spatial reference you get from it's GetExtent()'s spatial reference property?  I'm seeing the issue below and I'm wondering if the defined projection on my feature class is set to one thing while the data inside it was created in a different projection.  What is the best and most reliable way to get the spatial reference?  Does it matter if you get it from the feature class definition, the extent of the feature class or the feature's shape, etc.?


var srFromExtent = featureClass.GetExtent().SpatialReference; 
var srFromDefinition = featureClass.GetDefinition().GetSpatialReference();

// Output from above:
// srFromExtent = NAD_1983_StatePlane_Georgia_West_FIPS_1002_Feet
// srFromDefinition = NAD_1983_2011_Contiguous_USA_Albers


In the Pro UI on that same feature class, I see the following:



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We discovered that when we copied all of these feature classes and tables from the FGDB with the spatial reference issue described above to a new FGDB, the data was magically corrected in the new database. It self-healed.

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