How to create Bezier Curve with 4 Control Points

06-01-2021 10:49 PM
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We are developing an application using ArcGIS Pro SDK  2.7 version.

One of the core requirement is to draw and edit Bezier curve with four control points .

Four points curve: In general we are able to draw a Bezier Curve with 4 points ( point 2 and point 3 will act as control points to adjust the curve.) as below screen -



As per our requirement we to draw a Bezier Curve with 4 points ( here point 2 and point 3 also should act a MapPoint but not the control points.) as below - 

how can we calculate control points and draw Bezier Curve in ArcGIS PRO SDK.



Note  -  In ArcMAP using Arcobjects SDK we have a direct interface to create Bezier curve with 4 control points  INEWBezierCurveFeedback interface , We are looking forward for relevant and same interface in ArcGIS PRO SDK.


Your inputs/ideas are most appreciated.


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In Pro, the edit sketch provides some of the functionality of the feedback classes that weren't ported.

Can you elaborate on the user experience you have in ArcMap. Do you add the control point coordinates programmatically to the feedback or get them from the mouse click location?

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Thank you for the reply

  1. Actually in ArcMap we have a customized tool which is using INEWBezierCurveFeedback interface, currently we are migrating to ArcGIS Pro and we cannot find relevant interface in ArcGIS Pro SDK 2.7. Please suggest .
  2. User Experience in ArcMap -   We have recorded the user experience in ArcMap for your reference Please find the attached video.


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