How to create a filegeodatabase browse dialog

10-26-2018 04:34 AM
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I would like create a browse dialog only for filegeodatabases as in ArcGIS Pro Catalog 'New File Geodatabase' in my addin.
Using ArcGIS.Desktop.Catalog.OpenItemDialog with ItemsFilter.geodatabases it is possible to select all types of geodatabases.
Do exists a special dialog for file geodatabases? or
Is it possible to programm a custom ItemsfFilter object? or
Is there a nother way to get a filegeodatabse browse dialog?

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Check out this sample:  DatastoresDefinitionsAndDatasets

It will show you how to create a browse dialog only for Filegeodatabases.

It also shows you a few other filters you can use with the OpenItemDialog dialog.

Here is the list of all the filters: ItemFilters



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thanks for the answer, but in my opinion that can only be a workaround.
It is not user-friendly, if any geodatabase type can be selected and only after the selection comes the warning "only filegeodatabases are supported"
As seen in the image below, the filegeodatabases filter exists in ArcGIS Pro.
Why can not refer to the filegeodatabases filter in the ArcGIS Pro SDK?

ArcGIS Pro New FileGDB Dialog

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