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Change Coordinate System of the Project

09-07-2021 04:17 AM
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hi guys

i have a project was created with ( WGS 1984 ) Coordinate System

and have a lot of things

and i want to change the Coordinate system to ( Purple Belt ) 

is this changing will change the position of the data entire the project?


how can i change it ?

thanks very much


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Is this a general ArcGIS Pro question rather than an SDK one? Also Purple Belt EPSG 22993?

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@TahaRabeaElqalamoshy you don't need to change the coordinate system of your layers to Purple Belt if you don't want to, just change the coordinate system of your data frame:

1. Right Mouse Click on your Map (data frame) and select Properties > Coordinate Systems.


2. Then in the search, type purple belt, and navigate to select the coordinate system.

3. Then select transformations and confirm you have a transformation applied.


All your WGS84 data will be reprojected on-the-fly into Purple Belt. 👍

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