Edit ArcGIS Pro Tasks to read input feature class dynamically

03-31-2020 01:25 AM
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   I have a ArcGIS Pro Task which got configured on a feature class.

Now i want to extend this task by taking the input feature class dynamically (from another job output) and complete Task configuration on the fly.

After successful configuration - i will go ahead and work on that Task.

Is it possible?

I tried multiple options 1. Sharing Tasks in Portal 

                                    2. Execute "Edit in Designer" button through DAML ID("esri_task_Designer").

But these are not helping , because these are intended for diff purposes.

Or - please let me know, if there is any way to create Tasks on the fly.

Thanks in advance.

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Unfortunately when configuring a Task, all layers and feature classes that you wish to reference need to already exist in your project. 

As an example, there is no way to configure a task to execute the GP Buffer tool in one step and then in the following step manipulate the output of that Buffer tool.



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Hi Narelle,

    Thanks for reply.

My scenario is other way around.

Step 1: Created a Task based on an input Feature Class.

Step 2: 

      Job 1: Performs some operation and creates output feature class

      Job 2: Add the output feature class to Project and save Project

      Job 3: Edit the existing created Task with the newly added Output Feature Class. (This output feature class is exactly same as the feature                   class involved Task creation, only diff is attribute data).

Hope this gives more details. Thank you again.



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Hi Narelle/ Team,

    Can you please help me here.

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