Wildfire Perimeter Tools - ArcGIS Pro Add-In Sample Demonstration

08-06-2021 06:52 PM
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Original Author: @ChristopherZent 


*** Updated 8/1/2022:  Both Pro 2.8 and 3.0 version add-ins and code solutions are now included. ***

A new ArcGIS Pro add-in sample demonstration is now available which illustrates a number of ArcGIS Pro SDK for .NET capabilities. 

The sample covers some important updates with the SDK at 2.8, including the Data Definition Language (DDL) API for geodatabase schema management and enhancements to the Reports API. 

The sample demonstration package is available on ArcGIS.com here, and walks through a scenario involving three custom tools built with the Pro SDK.

In the workflow, the user:

 -  Creates a new file geodatabase containing a new fire perimeter data subset from historical wildfire perimeter polygon data, which is then ready for tracking data updates.

 -  With the subset, the user generates a data clock chart for better understanding of the subset or the source perimeter dataset and also generates a standard report that is ready for export.

 -  Finally the user can examine a brief visualization, by year, of the perimeters in the subset or a selected set of features in the source layer. 

The sample’s project package dataset includes (and requires) the CAL FIRE wildfire perimeter polygon feature class from CAL FIRE’s Fire and Resource Assessment Program (FRAP).

Video walkthrough available on YouTube here.

ArcGIS Pro SDK - Fire Perimeter Tools.png