XY Provider missing from Locate

02-23-2022 12:27 AM
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The XY Provider in the Locate-window has recently disappeared in my ArcGIS Pro at Locate:


The locator is still in the project at the Locators tab, but it is not recognised as a locator when you want to add it to the Locate window via the Provider settings:

I suspected that it was due to the connection with the ArcGIS World Geocoding Service but it doesn't appear to be the cause.

Anyone know how they can get the XY Provider back there?

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A couple things to try:  rename your ESRI folder in your C:/users/<user profile>/appdata/local and C:/users/<user profile>/appdata/roaming to ESRI_OLD.  Restart your project.  Does the XY locator now show?  If not, try to do a repair on your ArcGIS Pro software installation.  Restart the project.  Does the XY locator now show?

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Hi @Robert_LeClair , thanks for looking into this, unfortunately a soft reset had no effect on this issue.
When trying to repair the software, this option is greyed out. 


Any other thoughts/ways on how to fix this? 


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Hi @Robert_LeClair, Any other suggestions regarding this issue?

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1. Are you able to see the XY Provider in a new project?

2. Is the issue occurring on a single machine?

3. Have you tried to replicate the issue on the same machine but with a different user profile?

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