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with Attribute rules write arcade expression and calculate a field

12-19-2023 11:33 AM
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Product: I'm currently using ArcGIS Pro version 3.2.

Backend Database: SQL


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I am working on adding an attribute rule to a feature class using Arcade Expression.

The feature class in question is 'FeatureClassA' with Point Geometry, and I am specifically looking to add an attribute rule named 'RuleA'.

Within 'FeatureClassA,' there exists a field named 'countryCode.'

Additionally, there is another feature class named 'CountryCodeFeatureClass' which contains the Polygon Geometry of all countries.

Am trying to, upon inserting a record into 'FeatureClassA,' performs an overlay/intersection operation with the second feature class 'CountryCodeFeatureClass.' The resulting value should then be updated in the 'countryCode' field of 'FeatureClassA.'

Thank you in advance for any guidance or assistance provided.






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