I cant create features due to :Value doesn't fall within Domain : XName

06-11-2019 09:06 AM
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I got a GDB with many field and domains, when i try to create a feature in this layer, i got a error message : Value doesn't fall within Domain : Xname. 

So i cant create features on ArcGIS Pro but this problem doesnt occurs with Arc map 10.5

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figure out which attribute is giving you the issue and add the value to the domain.

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In Pro, we added functionality to fail the edit if the value is outside of the domain.  If you need to set the attribute to an invalid domain value, rather than adding the value to the domain, you can use Calculate Field from the Attribute table.  

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The error is caused because pro is expecting a domain value, you can solve this problem by setting a default value for field or make the field nullable.

If a field uses a subtype the you need to set a default value for all subtypes or make them nullable

Hope this helps

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This is a bit confusing.

If we have to set the option to not allow null values to ensure the field is required in collector, and we do not want to set a value, then why would Pro not allow this? 

Seems to me that if you were to set a default value, then there would be no field requirement in collector's UI upon adding a feature. Similarly, if you allow it to be nullable, then you also demolish the purpose of a required field....

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Same rule applies to our data.  We do not want a default value and we do not want the null value.  We want to make sure that user selects a value.  With default or null user may forget to enter a value.  Pro should give user a right to over write this......

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Yes I have this issue too. I have a domain set on a field, but when I try to add a feature to the layer in Pro it says:

'Failed to create new feature(s). Value doesn't fall within Domain: <domain name>'

Well I need to add the feature before I can input the data! It doesn't even give me the chance. I can't have this field nullable either.

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Change settings for editing attributes—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation 

As no solution has been provided, this was supplied to me in the ideas page.

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