When moving a feature, the feature snaps back to its original location if you subsequently edit an attribute

01-21-2020 07:34 AM
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Scenario: I have a point.  I open up the edit toolbar, select the Move tool, and move the point.  I then edit a value of that same feature in the attribute table and press "enter" to save that edit.  The edit to the value I made saves, but the feature will move back to its original position before I moved it.  This is extremely problematic as if I'm not paying attention I might hit "save" thinking all the necessary edits have been made to a given feature layer when in fact the edits to the geometry I have made haven't actually been applied.

This is very bad for data integrity - I've already found instances where I have gone back and found some features where I know I had edited the geometry but the edits were not actually applied.  It's also completely counter-intuitive; if I move a feature I expect it to stay moved unless I discard/undo the edits, or forget to save (which is not the case here).

This needs to be fixed immediately - I shouldn't need to pay extra close attention to be sure my edits are being applied.

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Hi Brett,

In ArcGIS Pro version 2.5 (coming soon), when you edit attributes in the attributes pane or attribute table, the active geometry you are editing is automatically finished.



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I'm still having this issue in version 2.8.  Is there any more word on this issue?  I agree this should not be happening.

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