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Webmap data sources unsupported

06-16-2023 08:12 AM
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 SW version: ArcPro 3.1.2 

Unsupported data Sources.png

I've run into an issue where previously shared maps data now shows up as unsupported in ArcPro, and I can no longer save this map as an editable map.

The only option available. I have several maps which reference the same data, which currently are all working normally. These maps get used with Field Maps. The maps do not cause an unsupported Data error message. Additionally, the datasets are set up to assign unique numeric identifiers. 

I've attempted to make a copy of the existing map,update the data sources, and share a new map with AGOL from Pro. The Editable configurations remain unavailable. All the data are Hosted Feature layers on AGOL. This is a map we used frequently, so I need to get this issue resolved. 

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix the unsupported Data and configuration issue? These maps were working well for months until recently. 

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