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Success adding Mapbox maps to ArcGIS Pro?

05-24-2023 07:24 AM
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Hello all!

I'm curious if anyone has had success adding a Mapbox map to ArcGIS Pro. 

Currently, I'm experimenting with different ways on making a basemap, because the ESRI basemaps don't show accurate building footprints for our campus (the shapes aren't correct, in the wrong place, etc.) . The building footprint shapes are also different in every basemap, so it's not as easy as using a different basemap.

I just need a basemap that has only roads, road labels, and greenspace so I can put my own data on it - but whenever I try to add the Mapbox map as a WMTS layer, it never carries over the corrections that I made in Mapbox.

Here is the basemap I'm trying to add to ArcGIS Pro. --> The Mapbox map is the correct version when viewing in a browser window - but not when I add it to ArcGIS Pro.

In ArcGIS Pro, this is what it looks like:


It's almost like ArcGIS Pro ignores the changes, and just pulls the default from the Mapbox server. Not sure of a good way to explain it.

Just curious if anyone has been able to use an updated Mapbox map in ArcGIS Pro! I have the latest version of Pro.

Thank you!


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I haven't tried Mapbox maps, but I have used ESRI's Vector Tile Style Editor to remove things I don't want in some of the basemaps. I've removed buildings and local roads (leaving arterials in) from the Community basemap and also made water more blue in the Light Gray Canvas basemap. I save the custom basemap versions to our portal as favorites so that I can find them easily in Pro's catalog pane. If you can't get the Mapbox map to work like you need it to, perhaps you can try modifying an existing basemap.

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Same exact bug here. Make change over my mapbox style, I can see the result on webpage, within QGIS but not in ArcGis Pro...

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Hi @SaraJL 

How were you adding the WMTS to ArcGIS Pro, and what URL were you using?

I'm new to Mapbox but following this guide ( I constructed this WMTS endpoint for your map:

When I add this to ArcGIS Pro (Insert > Connections > Server > New WMTS Server) it looks pretty close.



ArcGIS Pro:


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