Visualizing multiple feature and/or raster datasets for different elevations in 3D

03-29-2022 06:09 AM
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I would like advice on how to visualize my project in 3D.  

I have 12 datasets which are the result of a model, each dataset represents the model output at an elevation "slice" (i.e. dataset 1 is for 0 AGL, dataset 2 is for 10 m AGL, dataset 3 is for 50 m AGL, etc. etc.).

Each dataset was generated by running a model against the same 123k features (the only difference between each model run is the elevation).  Each feature represents a 30m x 30m area (so yes it is a lot of data). 

So my model output could be 12 point feature classes (by taking the center of each square), 12 polygon feature classes, or 12 raster datasets.  But what I have is 12 distinct products that I can only visualize one at a time.  

How can I combine these into a 3D visualization - first to visualize in ArcGIS Pro, and then if possible publish to ArcGIS Enterprise as a Scene Service or some other mechanism.  Any advice would be helpful.  


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Jay, did you ever get a solution to your question? I am in need a similar solution. I have multiple aquifer formations, bedrock elevation and land surface elevation that I would like display as a "3D cake." Since CityWebEngine viewer has been retired, I have failed to find a suitable replacement.

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I believe someone suggested I use a NetCDF / voxel layer, though I never really went down the path of creating a netCDF layer from scratch.

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