Using Lidar point cloud and sharing to ArcGIS Online

02-22-2021 07:14 AM
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hello all, 

I have a lidar point cloud from a contractor that I want to visualize on ArcGIS Pro and the share to ArcGIS Online for my colleagues to see. I am struggling to get the correct settings to visualise the lidar in a decent way. I've combined the 6 .las files into one .lasd.

First question: There are around 600,000,000 in the .lasd, ArcGIS Pro seems to be struggling with viewing the points, is this a large amount of points? My computer has 32GB of ram and all the data is local. 

I have overcome this by pausing the scene and working on it like that.I have maximized the .lasd settings so its showing as many points as possible and at a high density. When I manage to publish the data as a point cloud web scene layer, it runs well in ArcGIS Online scene viewer but it seems to have 'thinned' itself.

Second Question: Does it go through some optimisation when being published as a web scene? 

I'm new to using ArcGIS Pro and this amount of Liar data so please be nice!

Thanks, Holly. 

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 ArcGIS Pro seems to be struggling...

My guess is your graphics card is what's struggling; I was doing a bunch of lidar cloud work sometime back and we put in a 'better' graphics card which worked great.  Until it burned up...

That should just about do it....
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