Units for distance marker locator role

12-06-2023 03:47 PM
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I'm trying to create a distance marker role from a point feature class that has markers every 20m along local roads.  I can see from the post https://pro.arcgis.com/en/pro-app/latest/help/data/geocoding/locator-role-fields.htm that M and Meters are meant to be supported units:


However, I can't get any results returned if I use either value unless I use 'km' when I search.  For example 'main Road km 120' or 'km 120 main road' both return a result but for what is actually the 120 metre distance marker.  This is the same result I get if I use K as the unit in the locator.  I can also use MI as the unit (and change the country to US) and I'll get results for 'main Road mi 120', but I haven't found any configuration where 'main Road m 120' or 'main Road meter 120' give a result.  Obviously I could convert the marker units from metres to kilometres (e.g. 120 becomes 0.12) but that isn't great from a user perspective.

Is there a specific syntax needed to work with metres as units?  Or are the values of M and Meters not really supported?  Note that I'm currently using Pro 3.04 if version makes a difference.  Thanks.


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