Unable to upload tiff file. ERROR: WGS1984 Web Mercator Error

02-06-2021 03:58 AM
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Hi there, 

Ref Error code 20034 while publishing data from Pro to Online. 

I am trying to upload Elevation data (.tiff format) in Arcgis online however getting an error mentioned below: 




I have also tried to convert data in WGS 1984 Web Mecrator (auxiliary Sphere) coordinate system but data falling at wrong long location. Our current coordinate system is UTM Zone N50. We can see our data in Arcgis pro but getting an error while publishing the data.

Kindly help !




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Did you use the Project tool in Arctoolbox?  Defining it as what you want it to be won't work

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Hello @abhishek_shah !

You are seeing a warning letting you know that your map's spatial reference is different than the spatial reference required by the ArcGIS Online tiling scheme. I have listed the documentation below explaining this in a but more detail:

Since this is a warning and not an error, you should see your Elevation data in ArcGIS Online. I hope this helps explain the earning you are seeing! 



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