Error Importing Excel table

02-04-2021 03:08 AM
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I'm having problems with ARCGIS PRO (2.7.1) executing a simple table X,Y point data process. I've tried with different formats (xlsx, csv, xls) but the error continue, like image below. Could you help me find out what the error is?


Part of the database (48 rows in total)




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does this include the records that are marked as an issue?

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Looks like you are defining a Geographic Coordinate System (GCS_WGS_1984) as the spatial reference. This coordinate system assumes that your XY units are in Decimal Degrees. But in reality, the units of the Easting/Northing are in Meters or Feet.

Please select an appropriate Projected Coordinate System as the spatial reference while running the tool. In case you are unsure about the appropriate PCS, you may attach a sample CSV of the above data and let us know your study area.

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Only change Drillhole Name in DrillholeName (eliminate blank space).

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