Unable to open Web map on ArcGis Pro

04-21-2021 01:48 AM
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I am having issues with opening Web map on ArcGis Pro. 

When I select the ArcGIS pro option, it automatically opens on ArcMap.

it is not downfolding   .pitemx I am running 2.7.3

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Could you confirm when you click "Open in ArcGIS Pro", item.pkinfo gets downloaded instead of item.pitemx?

Does it happen with all the webmaps or with one particular webmap? Are you working with ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Portal?

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Item .pkinfo gets downloaded when I click "Open in ArcGIS Pro"

it is happening with all webmaps.

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I had the same problem but then I opened arcPro and signed in to the hub and was able to open the file.

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