Preserving text symbols throughout data export

01-10-2022 04:03 PM
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I'm using someone else's feature service that contains features with non-English words in their names, including diacritics.

When I use the feature service, the names are correctly rendered in the label and in the popup. ʻŌuli comes out as ʻŌuli, for example.

However, if I export the feature service to a local gdb, suddenly all the diacritics become unreadable. ʻŌuli becomes ÿÖuli. I checked the attributes table, and the text is actually changing during export.

How can I preserve diacritics and other text symbols while exporting data?


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Can you provide more information on this issue including the following:

  • The Feature Service URL you're using/exporting
  • How you're exporting the feature service to local GDB (ArcGIS Online Export Data button, Feature Class to Feature Class geoprocessing tool, etc.)
  • Software (ArcGIS Pro or Desktop) and version you using
  • Country or Region your PC uses
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Hi Jesse, thanks for the response.

Since posting this, it appears that the owner has changed those particular feature classes to not allow exporting, and my attempts to replicate it with my own data are unsuccessful.

For reference:

I was using Pro 2.7 at the time, using Feature-to-Feature as well as Spatial Join, based out of the United States, and attempting to export features containing Hawaiian place names.


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