Multi part to Single Part ArcGIS Pro output differs from ArcDesktop output

04-20-2022 08:37 AM
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We have a polygon dataset with multiple classes that often have a class 1 polygon within a hole of a class 2 polygon.  These polygons do not overlap but are multipart and require to be exploded to single part.  When we run the multipart to single part tool the hole in the class 2 polygon disappears and results in class 1 and class 2 overlapping.  This did not occur when we ran our workflow in ArcDesktop.  Has anyone encountered this?  Is there a bug fix that we are missing to resolve this issue?


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could you post an image?  

Run a Check Geometry to see if any issues are reported.

Also... what versions of the software?  Issues have been reported with the multipart tool with previous versions.

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Unfortunately Check Geometry did not return any issues.

I am using ArcGIS Pro 2.8.3

See attached for screenshot. As mentioned CLASS 2 polygons had holes where CLASS 1 polygons exist prior to the Multipart to Singlepart GP tool run.  Generally the overlapping / holes are quite small as soon in the screengrab.

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