Unable to make custom symbology of terrain data

07-12-2021 09:58 AM
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As a floodplain manager I utilize terrain data (LiDAR based) to make custom maps of individual properties. ArcMap was fantastic for this purpose but I am having difficulties replicating the functionality in ArcGIS Pro and could use your help. I need to make a map for the general public that shows the flood hazards at a user defined elevation. The legend should show integer values with the exception near the flood hazard to one decimal point. In ArcMAP I could manual enter the 20 elevation bands with a 10-key pad but now I must click on each cell in the table, click and swipe or <cntl-A> to select a current cell entry and make my edit. This is very time consuming. If I see that the flood risk story could be better understood by inserting a couple more elevations band I am no longer able to pick a row at the top of the table and have it recognize that 500' is actually lower than 600'. Labeling is another issue as I can set the upper elevation value but the lower is set by the next data point, usually with several spurious digits after the decimal point. Below is what I face. Any help in making a presentable map in a short timeframe is greatly appreciated.



and enter a value 




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