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01-15-2016 08:42 AM
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Is there a way to have multiple layouts in Pro, but only have one view. For example, lets say I want 3 layouts, one that just shows an aerial photo, one that shows buildings and roads, and one that shows roads and floodzones. Is there a way to tell each layout to use a single view, but be able to specify which layers in that view are on and off based on which layout is active?

I need to make a bunch of layouts and they all need to have the same basic view and the same extents. The only difference between each of the layouts is that they show a different layer. It would be nice to be able to create one map view to work with all the layouts, instead of having a different map view for each layout.

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Hi Andy,

A Layout view is associated with a single layout. However, a layout can be open in multiple views.

Merging different layouts into a single view creates incompatibilities. For example, what would the page units be if the layouts were to have different units ?

However, you can turn on/off layers in the map associated with a map frame. To answer you question, create three map frames on the layout. Expand each map frame in the table of contents to enable/disable layers. That way you have all three maps in a single layout.

Vishnu.Andy Wells

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It would be nice to have an option when you create a new map frame on a layout, where you could override the layer visibility settings that are on the view. That way I could have one view for example that has 2 layers: an aerial photo and a building footprints layer, both turned on. I could create one layout that uses the default layer visibility, and therefore would have both the aerial and the footprints turned on. Then I could create a second layout that would have the default layer visibility overridden, where I would have the aerial photo turned on, but the building footprints turned off. Then I would have two different layouts based on one view. Both layouts would be assured of having the same extents and scale that way.

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I would like the same thing.

I am creating two maps. One at A3 and one at A1. The A3 map needs to have a different basemap to the A1 one, as obviously an A1  basemap would be too detailed at A3 and an A3 one isn't detailed enough at A1.

Apart from the basemap and scale being different, every other layer is the same and the projections and maps units are identical.

ArcGIS Pro already supports different scales, it just needs to support being able to switch layers on and off differently for different map layouts.

Was multiple map layouts always intended to just be used for multiple map frames? Are there any practical examples where one map frame would be used by multiple layout views?

If I wish to change a symbology and I have multiple map frames, it means I have to update both and keep them in sync. Far more to go wrong than having a single layer that I update. Is their a way of keep the symbology for multiple map frames in sync?

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It would be really nice to be able to turn on\off layers in layouts that are referenced to the same map! That would help us minimizing the time in applying the symbology and other stuff for multiple maps!

Jamal Numan
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This is exactly what I'd like to do, but when I turn on a layer in one map frame, it turns that layer on in all of the map frames. I often want to compare images that I've overlaid in a single source map, but in order to do that I have to make copies of the map itself and point each map frame in the layout to a different copy of the map, each with different layers turned on. It would be SO helpful if I could just reference the same map in several map frames on a layout, but select which layers to display for each frame.