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TAKING SUGGESTIONS - Assessing Market Dynamics

06-23-2023 01:23 PM
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So I have a map that has point data for where a few companies in an industry have service locations - they're scattered across western Canada, but they also tend to be in the same small cities. I also have point data of hundreds of locations that require services from these companies. I have a rough idea of how many crews each company has at each of their locations, and now I'm looking for some way to estimate the supply and demand dynamics in certain areas. Ideally, I'd have some system that tells you "in this area, there is way more demand than there is supply" or the opposite, or whatever is the case based on how many demand points there are, how many supply points there are (and how many crews each supply point has) and how far away these supply points are. Any and all ideas are welcome to solve this problem. A basic assumption of this model is that one crew can service one demand point a day, and a point needs service once daily. Thank you for any and all suggestions!

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