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Annotations Overrun / Outside of Map Frame Pro 3 Layout

06-23-2023 03:36 PM
Occasional Contributor III

Exported a figure from an Pro 3.1.0 Layout and the annotations near the mapframe edge and/or straddling it will print outside of the mapframe, to the edge of page margins.  See Image Below

NOTES: 1) The issue arises when printing with a Pro 3.1 pdf from Blue Beam; functions properly in 2.9.  Note that Blue Beam is a pdf software used more by engineers. 2) Prints correctly out of Adobe with both versions. 3) It shouldn't be related to Export settings as I've tinkered with all of those. 

Please don't respond with "it's an issue Blue Beam".  Sure, but Blue Beam prints the image properly with 2.9 figures.   


Note that both look correct on the screen in BlueBeam and Adobe (this is a screenshot).





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