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Tables showing only selected records refresh/reset needlessly when I change selection in another table

06-08-2023 07:42 AM
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I've noticed when I have multiple tables open at once, let's just say say two for example, and Table 1 is set to Show Selected Records, then whenever I modify* the selection in the Table 2, Table 1 automatically refreshes and resets back to the top. This is quite frustrating, as constantly lose my place in Table 1 and have to scroll back to where I was.

*By modify the selection, I mean any sort of clicking on rows in Table 2, or by clicking the buttons for "Clear" or "Switch" selection. The only unaffected method I can tell: Modifying the selection of Table 2 using Select by Attributes does not seem to cause this automatic refresh of the Table 1.

Would be nice if this behavior would be fixed/prevented. Or perhaps there's some option I don't know of, where I can toggle to prevent the table refresh/reset? Any ideas?

Otherwise I suppose a workaround is to make a new layer from my selection in Table 1, and then I could open that layer's table and Show All Records, instead of Show Selected Records.

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This is not happening for me.  Regardless what I do, table 1 for me always stays selected and is never reverted to an state other than what I leave it at.

I am using Pro 2.9.


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Hello! This was a bug we fixed in Pro 2.5. What version are you currently using?

- Alycia

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I'm in version 3.1.2

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