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Symbology scales not kept when updating web map from ArcGIS Pro

10-04-2021 12:00 PM
New Contributor


I recently created a web map and have tried editing symbology scales to avoid cluttering when viewing the map at a larger scales. Whenever I add the map to ArcGIS Pro, I can easily edit symbol scales (i.e. make less significant polylines/points only show up at much smaller scales), and the change is reflected within ArcGIS Pro. When I save the web map, these changes are not reflected. I noticed that creating symbol groups also isn't something that is shown on the web map; the groups are broken up to show each item, but it does keep the group symbol and label. Am I doing something wrong or missing an important step? Are these not supported features?

I have attached an image if that helps (hopefully it is easy to see). It shows what the web map looks like after I make my changes, save, and re-add the web map to ArcGIS Pro. I see the same thing when checking my web map online. In the image, you can see that there are multiple lines with the same symbol/label which were in groups when saving the web map. I have been setting scales for the lines that are labeled "≤ 115" and a few others.

I have already set scales for overall layers, but it can get messy to create unique layers for each field that I need a unique symbol for. If there isn't a solution at the moment, it is something I can do in the meantime. 



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