Summarize Within workflow question but with spatial relationship "have center in"

11-22-2021 05:51 AM
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I'm trying to prepare some data for an analysis but struggling with the workflow to get there. Essentially, I have two polygon layers; let's say A and B, where A is the larger polygon, to obtain summary values, of B the smaller polygon; the information from polygon B that should be summarized is 1) the count of polygons and 2) the sum of a numerical attribute.

I'm struggling with the workflow bc what I'm hoping to do is something like "Select Layer by Location" using the "have center in" spatial relationship, but that doesn't actually summarize B's info for me across the data extent.

So what I've ended up trying is "Summarize Within" but I'm running into issues since that uses the "intersect" spatial relationship, and for B polygons that overlap with two A polygons, it gives me an incorrect and flawed output. Right now I'm also struggling with how to approach polygon Bs that span 2 or 3 or more polygon As...

Can I get the output I need without having to code it? Maybe using ModelBuilder? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Happy to clarify if this wasn't super clear. Thanks!

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Abandon the use of the summarize within tool and use the Union tool. Then post process that data. This will allow you to identify that scenario of 1 polygon intersecting/spanning across multiple smaller polygons. Post processing is typically you updating the area field then running it through the summary statistics tool grouping by appropriate ID fields.