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Statistics -Selected Records when right-click on attribute field no longer displays after upgrade to Pro 3.1

11-16-2023 02:05 PM
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I have seen a few posts about this and I would like to verify this fact before I really whine to Esri about this change.

Yes, our main Enterprise geodatabases are stored in SQL Server 2019.

We have just upgraded all of our users to Pro 3.1 from Pro 2.9.  All except one machine, which thank goodness, helped proved this case.

We consistently have used (at 2.9) the super-convenient "right click on a field name and choose Statistics" option to display quick statistics for selected features.  It is very quick and convenient.

Example at 2.9 with Selected statistics highlighted in yellow:

Statistics on selected records in 2.9 Pro using Enterprise gDB.Statistics on selected records in 2.9 Pro using Enterprise gDB.



But within Pro 3.1, same data, same task and this is what appears when I use the same super convenient "Statistics" option when right clicking on a field.  Nothing for Selected Records and only Median for the dataset.  Chart is non-existent but I don't really care about the Chart.  We just want the quick statistics.

Statistics on selected records in Pro 3.1 using Enterprise GDBStatistics on selected records in Pro 3.1 using Enterprise GDB


Is THIS REALLY TRUE?   That we cannot get quick statistics on selected records because we use an Enterprise GDB?????   Yes, I have seen other posts.  I have seen this:

and this:

(who wants to go change a registry setting??).

Yes, I see the Data Engineering option but why take away our super-convenient right click for statistics?  Plus, now we have to train all our users for the "new way" when using anything in the Enterprise GDB (by the way, it works perfectly fine on an exported file geodatabase). 

This option appears to be removed to "optimize performance for charts".  Well, it slows down our performance because we can't just right click and choose "Statistics" to answer our questions.

Anyway, if this change is really "true" and not some lingering bug, please let me know.  


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Hi @CarmenDurham ,

You are correct that by default charts using data from an enterprise geodatabase are optimized for performance in Pro 3.0. Consequently, they are subject to the limitations listed in the documentation, including lack of support for selection. That said, the histogram in your example should still draw and display statistics for the entire dataset. I’m not able to reproduce this bug with my own dataset running on SQL Server. If it’s possible to export and share your dataset (email:, it might help us to identify the bug.

In Pro 3.2 we made a few improvements to the charts user experience when working with enterprise geodatabases. First, the performance enhancements are now turned off by default. This means that, by default, data from enterprise geodatabases are not subject to any limitations and selection is enabled. Second, in Pro 3.2 server-side processing can be turned on or off through a convenient toggle in the Chart Properties pane:



I also wanted to note that in Pro 3.2 we have updated the right-click menu in the attribute table to include an option that launches the Data Engineering view:



We hope this will make it more convenient to use Data Engineering to view summary statistics.



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Thank you for your prompt response. 

I will upgrade to 3.2 to check these changes because that would appear to be the best solution. 

With regards to the histogram not working for the full dataset in Pro3.1:

Based on your comments, I ran some tests. This is a database view.  The histogram appears in full on some other fields that are double field types.  However, it does not work on the fields in this layer that are of the type LONG (FairMKTVAL is one of these) for this layer with 82,000 records.  

We have another database view with the same underlying data but limited to only a few hundred records.  The histogram on the smaller set of records WILL work on FairMKTVAL!!

When I used Data Engineering on the 82K record layer to see the total FAIRMKTVAL, it is 27,923,805,589 which exceeds the highest value that can be in a LONG integer type.  Perhaps this is the reason the histogram will not appear for this layer in 3.1????  

I'll post if the upgrade to 3.2 fixes the issue and report if it doesn't.




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@CarmenDurham Thanks for the additional information! So far I've still been unable to reproduce the bug using a dataset that has fields that exceed the maximum Long value when summed, but I'll continue to investigate. 

Yes, please report back if you're still having issues after you upgrade to 3.2.  Thanks!

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