Splitting Attribute Issues

01-31-2020 07:30 AM
New Contributor

I am wondering what ESRI is doing trying to mess up splitting lines. I have a database that is locked, so the Split Policy cannot be changed. 

When I split a line in ArcMAP 10.5 the line split works great. It duplicated all the attributes even though all the domains are DEFAULT. 

BUT! When we go to edit in ArcPRO the split decided it wanted to mess everything else up. Some of the attributes now come across as NULL while others do duplicate even tough they are all the same policy. 

This question has been touched on a few times but not correctly. I know there is an message that says it does not follow and that there is an explanation of DUPLICATE and DEFAULT on ESRIs site but that doesn't explain why some work and some don't and why there is a difference between PRO and DESKTOP.

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