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Similar functionality to screening widget in ArcGIS Pro

06-10-2022 01:43 AM
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Hi all,

I have a question about finding similar functionality of the WAB Screening widget in ArcGIS Pro. I would like to be able to draw a polygon AOI, and then have the tool select all the features from all my layers that either intersects or are within a distance of my AOI.

Then I would like to be able to export all of the selected features to individual shapefiles.

All of this can be done in 1 analysis with the screening widget, but I can't find a corresponding tool in ArcGIS Pro...

I know that I can use for instance Select by location for the first part, but exporting all the selected features in their respective shapefile, I'm not so sure about. Not without creating some type of modelbuilder tool..

Any input is highly appreciated 🙂

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