Sharing ArcPro files/projects between various devices

03-27-2022 03:05 PM
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Right folks, I've only ever been the only person working as the "GIS mapping tech" in a company so I have never had the joy to share my projects with others in my office and am completely new to sharing projects between different machines. I am now moving into a contracting role for this company so the bulk of the work will be done by a new recruit. 

I will however still be working on some of my existing and new projects with this company, therefore I am trying to find the best solution how we can effectively work on GIS projects together. Currently all of our GIS projects are stored on desktop computer on a Local Drive. We do also have a company NAS network, but I find that storing ArcPro projects, files and databases on NAS significantly decreases the running and processing speed of ArcPro (at least this has been my experience), and ideally I'd like to be able all ArcPro projects from home instead of having to come into the office to login into the company NAS. 
Effectively I am looking for a cloud or server based solution that would allow both myself and my colleague to collaborate on projects with edits being saved in real time, so we can pop in and out of projects at our own time. Do you have any suggestions for a server or cloud based solution we could look into that would allow us to do this? Or is there a better solution to this that you could recommend? 
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I would start with reviewing Cloud virtualization environments and the use of ArcGIS Pro within that environment. You can learn more about it here - ArcGIS Pro is supported in the Microsoft Azure Cloud and Amazon Web Services.

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