Share Web Layer for offline use (Reference registered data)

07-27-2021 04:40 AM
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Hey All,

So im trying to share a Web Layer from ArcGIS Pro to my Portal. I have registered my SDE to the Datastore, the Features are not versioned. I can successfuly share my Web Layer as 'reference registered data' to my Portal. When i make changes to the Feature, for example in the Map Viewer, the Data will update the changes to my SDE. 

Now i want to make it possible to use the data offline. For example in Field Maps. But the enable sync option is not available in the Feature Layer settings in Portal. So how i should do it then? 

I found out that in ArcGIS Pro i can enable sync befor i share the web layer. When i do it this way, the shared feature layer will not load in the Map Viewer. It just saying that the feature layer can not be loaded.


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