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SCCM deployment of ArcGIS Pro

05-30-2023 05:22 AM
New Contributor

Well I thought I was doing ok to make a admin install of ArcGIS Pro for distribution with SCCM - 21000 files on the server with serious issues of file path too long.

I'm waiting for it to copy to the distribution points, might take a while. Has anyone attempted doing a sccm deployment ?

Deploying Pro 3.1

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We have a package for ArcGIS Pro V2.7 Patch 4 that works great. It creates folders for Addins, Local Cache, Coordinate System Data, Packages & Projects, etc. Registry key are modified to include our PRD portal url, the config the created folders, sign in via the browser, etc.

Currently working on a package for ArcGIS V2.9 Patch 8 with similar configuration to the V2.7 package. That is going well at the moment.

Mid 2024 is when we'll start the process for ArcGIS V3.x

I haven't heard of anything issues from our Packaging Team on file path being too long or taking time to copy

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