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Scatterplot with Non-Linear Trendline

03-14-2023 12:32 PM
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Are there non-linear trend-line options for the scatter plot chart in ArcGIS Pro? I currently use Excel to plot data and I use the Power trendline option to generate an equation like y = mX ^ b with an associated R-squared. Is it possible to generate this trendline directly in ArcGIS Pro?

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linear and logarithm axes are supported

Scatter plot—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

you can transform the data yourself and use a linear axis if you the power trend to use and you don't like logarithmic or it doesn't fit

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HI @BenRomlein ,

Thanks for the question. Scatter plots currently only support linear trend lines, but adding other options is in our near-term plan. 

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Thanks for the replies. I was able to write a geoprocessing script to accomplish what I needed to do using scipy.optimize.curve_fit and matplotlib.pyplot