Refresh layer data for OGC feature service in ArcGIS Pro

12-24-2021 04:26 AM
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In ArcGIS Pro, I have added a set of OGC API feature service layers, which work well. However, as the data updates on the server, these changes are not reflected in ArcGIS Pro.

I have established the data is updating and the service is not caching.

I have tried using the Feature Cache tools to empty the cache, and I have tried clearing the cache in the individual layers but the changes don't come through.

Removing the layer and re-adding it makes no difference.

I have to close ArcGIS Pro and reopen to get the changes!

Does anyone know how I can trigger the layer to repopulate data from the server?

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Check if the following steps work for you?

For the layer in ArcGIS Pro > Navigate to Layer Properties > General. 

Check "Layer should be refreshed periodically", with a desired interval.



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Thanks JayantaPoddar. This unfortunately did not work.

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As OGC API Connection is new to Pro at 2.8, I am wondering if this layer refresh has not been implemented properly?

So, to summarize whatI have tried now is...

1) Upgraded to 2.9 and used the Feature Cache to disable Auto cache.

2) For the OGC layers, disabled caching against the layer properties.

3) For the OGC layers, set the "Layer should be refreshed periodically" to 3 minutes.

I did remove the layer and re-add it to the map from the connection in Catalog in the same session, but the data was still not updated. Is this a workspace cache? Is this even a thing for OGC API connections?