Raster data layer color change when another layer is overlayed

03-26-2022 05:41 AM
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Hey all, 

today, I georeferenced a map and so far, so good. 

However, when I applied the Grid Index Feature tool to create a grid for the area under investigation, and tried to place it over the georeferenced map in the Contents field, the map changes its colors. Now, unfortunately, I need the original colors as they indicate specific values. (In fact, it changes its colors as soon as I work with any other layer.)

To get the original colors, I always need to place it as the first layer - then ArcGIS changes back to the yellow / orange / green tones. 

Please see the screenshots attached, in case I did not express myself clearly enough. 

Does anyone know why the georeferenced picture changes its colors / a solution regarding this problem? 

Thank you for your help!


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It appears your grid is too fine for the extent of your map and you are getting color mixing along the edges of the lines.

If you zoom in to a smaller area is the effect still there?

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Yes, unfortunately the effect is stil there even if I zoom to a smaller area. 

I do not think this is a real solution to the problem but: I grouped the Grid-layer together with the wind speed layer under 'Wind' and when I deactivate / activate each layer a few times, they correct colors are shown. To me (as a beginner) it does not really make sense, but anyways, it worked like that. 🙂 

Still, if anyone has a solution to the problem please provide the steps! Would be appreciated! Thank you!

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