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Quick Attribution

05-24-2023 04:13 AM
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What am I doing:

Digitizing points from older documents.


1. Create features tool:

2. in the active template input field attribute.

3. click on a point that needs digitizing.

4. move cursor to create features window.

5. in the active template input field attribute for the next point.

6. move cursor to a point that needs digitizing.

7. repeat steps steps 2-6

Google Cloud Vision, does the bulk work. but tends to misread the old handwritten numbers.


What I need:

in QGIS there is a plugin: Quick Attribution


1. add point feature (at that point the plugin is active)

2. click on a point, and a popup appears where you can enter the required attributes

3. press enter or click ok on the popup

4. click next point

5. repeat steps 2-4



is there a similar tool within the ESRI software?



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On the Edit tab you have an 'attributes' button (to the top right of Create, Modify, Delete, Select buttons).  Click on that and it opens the attribute pane where you can quickly enter data for your new feature.  You can even undock and drag that pane into the centre map to get the same functionality as QGIS.

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Yep. Inputting the values through the Active Template pane is sensible if you need new features to have an attribute, eg because you need it in an Attribute Rule that triggers on insert. If you don't need that functionality, the Attribute pane is the way to go.

Have a great day!
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With that method I would still have to click on the pane and enter the attributes.

the QGIS plugin, appears when clicking a point.

but sounds like we would have to create our own plugin for that.

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