03-27-2020 07:48 AM
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# Name:
# Description: Delete identical features in a dataset based on Shape (geometry) and a TEXT field.
# Import system modules
import arcpy
arcpy.env.overwriteOutput = True
# Set workspace environment
arcpy.env.workspace = "C:/data/sbfire.gdb"
# Set input feature class
in_dataset = "fireincidents"
# Set the field upon which the identicals are found
fields = ["Shape", "INTENSITY"]
# Set the XY tolerance within which to identical records to be deleted
xy_tol = "0.02 Miles"
# Set the Z tolerance to default
z_tol = ""
# Execute Delete Identical
arcpy.DeleteIdentical_management(in_dataset, fields, xy_tol, z_tol)

I just want to clarify which order it selects the objects to delete?

Thanks in advance~~~~

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Pretty sure in order of the ObjectID; so the feature with the greatest OID value remains.  But don't take my word for it; try your script on a couple of identical test features to be sure..

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Esri doesn't disclose their exact methodology. In all likelihood, ObjectID/FID is probably used to sort the data set so the lowest OID/FID will be kept and higher marked for deletion.  That said, I would not depend on that behavior since it isn't documented, even if it does appear to work that way.  The documentation does state that Find Identical—Data Management toolbox | Documentation uses the same methodology, whatever that may be, so you can use Find Identical to see what the results would be from running Delete Identical.  

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You could do this with a search cursor.

1. Create a dictionary of OID keys and values of [SHAPE@, Intensity, Field]

2.Iterate through each OID to find matching SHAPE@ and Intensity and append them to a list. should have a list of all OIDs classed as identical by position and Intensity.

Iterate through that list using the initial dictionary to find where field is N or Y

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True, rolling your own is always an option, and maybe the only option here for the OP.

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