Publishing fields with vector tile package with ArcGIS Pro vs

06-01-2021 04:19 PM
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Hello -- I have been able to create a Vector Tile Layer with ArcGIS Pro 2.7 and publish it to ArcGIS Online. First, I create a vector tile package using the 'Create Vector Tile Package' tool and then I publish it with the 'Share Package' tool. This workflow results in Tile Layer (hosted) and Vector Tile Package items on AGOL. When I open the Tile Layer on the map viewer, I see that there's no option to enable the attributes/fields pop-up.

I see that an alternative workflow on ArcGIS Pro is to create the vector tile package and sharing it via Share>Publish Web Layer. This option shows an additional configuration setting to cache locally or online. In my case, the 'cache online' option is grayed out.

During this year's Dev Summit, I watched a session demonstrating how to create a Vector Tile Layer from an existing feature layer (hosted) via>layers>Publish vector tile layer. This workflow allows for choosing the fields to publish (see screenshot). 

Question here: Is there a way to publish the fields to display on the Tile Layer when creating the vector tile package with ArcGIS Pro? Is this related to the caching option?

More background on my specific use case, we'll consume the VTL with different ESRI and non-ESRI Front-End APIs.

Thanks for your help!



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