How To Locate Address Points On Street Between Two Verified Points

06-01-2021 03:15 PM
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I have a problem that I've been trying to solve for a long time. We need to geocode the locations of students for enrollment purposes. We use a locator based on the city master address points file. This matches addresses that parents or secretaries enter to city verified addresses. The problem has always been that many apartment, units or other sub-addresses aren't captured as discreet points in the file. Some are, some aren't. Sometimes we'll get a student who lives at "126 Main St." This is not a verified address. If you zoom in to that general area on a basemap that displays taxlot addresses, you might see an apartment complex with an address range "122-138 Main St." Clearly that kid lives in one of those apartments. I've tried making a composite locator with the master address points, and streets data. The issue with that is that the street locator will just plop a point in the middle of that particular street segment. That becomes a headache when that street is on the edge of our attendance area, and the point is placed outside our boundary. The kid actually lives within the boundary of X school, but according to the locator, they live out of district.

Is there a way to locate a point inside a complex within an address range, or to place a point between two other verified addresses on a street? 

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I inherited a large number of site address points and they had ranges similar to what you describe.  IMHO, a point is a discrete X,Y coordinate and therefore cannot have a range.  Consequently, I wrote a python script that iterated through the range and added a point for each address, all in the same location.  People who create address points like to find the path of least resistance (ranges) and those of us that actually use the data have to work around that.

That should just about do it....