Published Feature Service won't display points with <0 longitude

01-28-2022 05:21 AM
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My published Feature Service won't display points with <0 longitude and the extent of the published layer is odd:
Top: 50deg
Bottom: -5deg
All the records appear in the attribute table though.

The original data source is a Query Feature Class, data comes from a table on the server and this table is created with a SQL script runing daily.

- The extent is set correctly on the Query Feature Class
- All the projections are correct
- I have spatial indexes set
- The original table contains an OID and is registered, no duplicates there
- no empty shapes, no points with coordinates outside -90, 90, -180, 180 in the table
- we are using Enterprise 10.9.1


Any idea?
Cheers, Lionel


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What coordinate projection are you using?

I would strongly suggest using Web Mercator for web maps.  WKID 3857

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Hi Robert
We are using WGS 1984, WKID 4326
I can't change it to 3857

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Did you try recreating it once again and add the layer to a blank map?

(In case the issue persists) Is it possible to export the data to shapefile or File GDB Feature Class, and share the zipped shapefile/ File GDB ?

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Yes, I've tried this already. The table created by my script looks good on ArcGIS Pro. But when I publish it, the same problem occurs. And when I insert the published layer from portal to ArcGIS Pro, I also have this issue.
Looks like something is wrong during the publication.
Unfortunately, there are some restricted information there, I can't share it. I'll see if I can extract a sample of the dataset.

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