Is it possible to refresh WMTS layers in favorites

01-25-2022 09:14 AM
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I added a WMTS connection to my ArcGIS Pro favorites.  I can see the original layers within the WMTS server.  However, I cannot see any new WMTS layers that were added to the WMTS server.


Is there a way to refresh any server connections so that I can see new content?




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Can you right click on it and hit refresh?



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ArcGIS Pro did not acknowledge the new layer after clicking on refresh while ArcMap displayed the change immediately.  I had to restart ArcPro to see the new layer.  Perhaps it is a non issue as WMS layers typically do not change often.  Still I find it unusual that refresh does not do anything.






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When you say you can "see the original layers", what do you mean? Are the layers conveyed by a URL parameter, or do they just come in on the tiles themselves?

Any chance the WMTS URL is public? I'd love to test it out myself.

I have noticed in WMTS services in Pro that when the source layers chance, it can mess with my local cache. Have you tried clearing the cache for that layer?

- Josh Carlson
Kendall County GIS
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