Pro Symbology when VPN'd to Windows machine through a Mac

06-25-2020 04:13 PM
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Working from home, on a Mac but I am remoting in to my work Windows 10 machine and servers.  So all of my work is executed in the normal Mac-free environment.

No issues until today, when I noticed that in some Pro (2.5) projects, we have some custom symbology from a .stylx file that shows up really wonky.  I have checked with several other folks, no one else sees this - all symbology appears as it should for everyone but me.

The issue is that this symbology is now similarly corrupted/broken in our Portal webmaps since I am the publisher of these layers. 

The Mac piece is the only variable I can think of.  I am using citrix VPN client, with Microsoft Remote Desktop for Mac OS - I can't see how the Mac OS comes in to play once the connection is made.

I can see all of the symbol options from the .stylx file, they are just not correct - symbols showing as curved brackets, or just a capital letter for example.

Wondering if others have seen this?  Is the Mac issue a false lead?

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