Pro Model Builder - Multiple Values for Folder Names - Create .aprx tool?

10-06-2021 10:32 AM
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Still getting used to some of the smaller changes from ArcMap to Pro and I had a couple of questions specifically regarding ModelBuilder tools.

I'm trying to create some models to make setting up new project workspaces quicker and simpler. I had a Model in Arc Catalog that would use the Create Folder tool and the Create File Geodatabase tool to set up multiple folders for a project directory in a a root directory. 

I became very comfortable with the Model Builder tools for ArcMap/ArcCatalog that allowed me to create a list of values for the Folder Name parameter for the Create Folder tool. However, there doesn't seem to 

Would the solution be to create a Multiple Value parameter  with a list of the Folder Names and attach it to the Create Folder tool in some way?

Additionally, it would be great if there was a create .aprx tool as well, but I couldn't find one anywhere in the Data Management toolbox. I might be missing it though.


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