Pro Composite Geocode Table Fail

04-08-2019 09:09 AM
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The Release Notes for Pro 2.3.2 say that BUG-000120760 "Geocode Table fails when used with a composite locator" has been fixed.

So I would like to know which versions of Pro this was broken for?  Was this functionality working at some point (say up to release 2.1 and then broken throughout the entire 2.2 release)?

I do not have the ability to upgrade all machines to the latest version, so I would like to know where it is broken. 

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Seems to have originated at AGP 2.3.0 and fixed at AGP 2.3.2 according to what I'm seeing...

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BUG-000120760 is specific to composite locators that contain tw or more locators that were created with the Create Locator geoprocessing tool. This is NOT an issue for locators that were created with the Create Address Locator tool, that have been added to a composite locator.


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