Popup with XY Event Layer doesn't always work

03-31-2021 04:36 AM
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I am currently running into an issue with an XY Event Layer that I cant quite figure out what is going on. Currently I am using an a few XY Event Layers that reference to an Access Database. 

Some of these work fine, the pop-up window appears and shows me the record data for each feature. However, some will not provide a pop-up window and will select all the features at once.

I can't work out what is causing the issue as there isnt anything intrinsically different between these layers in terms of structure on the Access end and this seems to happen across other Access databases.

Any idea?

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XY Event Layers are meant to be used as temporary layers (maybe an intermediate layer between the table and Feature Class). I suggest you export it to a shapefile/ Feature Class, and then check if the issue persists with the layer pointing to the Feature Class.

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You might also want to consider changing from an Access database to a geodatabase table

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After you create the Event Layer export it to a database that you created using ArcCatalog

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