Definition query to show all records in related table that meet criteria

03-31-2021 07:33 AM
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I have a point feature that contains project numbers.  The numbers are not unique as they are in reference to Issue Number

Related to the point feature is a table of Issue's.  The issues have a  status field. Domain 'IC', 'MA', 'NO'

Related to the table of issues is an Attachment table.  Attachments are added in the field with Collector or FM

I can create a definition query that will show only those Issues with an attachment.

GlobalID in (Select REL_GLOBALID FROM <attachment table name> where ATTACHMENTID > 0)

I can create a definition query that only shows those records with a specific STATUS in the Issue table.

What I would like help with is creating a definition query that shows all Project numbers where ALL records returned are not marked as Status 'IC"


I need a way to show in my dashboard all project points where all status's in the Issue table are not 'IC'. I have tried a filter in the dashboard



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