Novice seeking help about doing viewshed analysis

01-31-2021 12:30 AM
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Hi all,

I am doing a view analysis to see the total visible area of a park from a single viewpoint. I have found out that the "analysis tab -> 3D interactive analysis -> Viewshed" give me the look I wanted to see, but I don't know how to turn this viewshed into data of the total visible park area (highlighted in black in the photo).

I saw people done online using the analysis -> viewshed tool to generate it, but I could not input this viewshed point because they are not on the left-hand side content tab.

It would be nice if someone could lend me a hand.


thanks for your time,


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So the output of the Exploratory Analysis tools in ArcGIS Pro are a graphics layer and can only be shared as an image or PDF file.  If you use the Convert to Features command in the Analysis Pane options, it creates a feature class but only for the input points not the result of the Exploratory Analysis commands.  I did review if there was an ArcGIS Idea that mentioned creating a feature class output from the Exploratory tools but did not see one.  You may want to add this as an ArcGIS Idea so it gets visibility with the ArcGIS Pro Development Team.

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