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Move a file or folder within Catalog in ArcGIS Pro

03-05-2020 10:33 AM
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Have a question in my mind.

In ArcGIS Pro and you have a Catalog open. 

When I was cleaning up all the junkie I saved to ....

My question here is :

You cannot move the folder from A to B ?

When I selected multiple folders or file,  the only thing I can see is Copy path .  I am not sure what this means BUT

it would be NICE for ESRI to add a ribbon tab   "Move to" inside  the Contextual tab "Manage"  just like what Windows Explorer has...

Just sayin' 

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Only way I know of is open Windows Explorer and copy them to Move to to another folder....

But just curious if there is a way around within ArcGIS Pro ?

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by Anonymous User
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Why not use the tool best suited which isn't Pro.

Having said that, be careful about moving anything associated with projects cause you can break a whole load of stuff unwittingly

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Yes that is the reason why I wanted the Move to or Copy to within Pro rather to have that doing in the Windows Explorer

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Another simple yet useful thing that you could do in Desktop but not in Pro.

Please consider adding this to help make Pro at least as functional as Desktop.

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Esri Community Moderator

Just wanted to close the loop here to say that this was improved in ArcGIS Pro 3.0. See



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