ArcGIS Pro Catalog Pane - Drag and Drop Files Between Folders

Idea created by alstickney on Jun 19, 2018
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    I really appreciate that ArcGIS Pro is built around the idea of a "project folder", but I find that the Catalog window and pane lack what I consider basic file management functions available in ArcCatalog (ArcGIS Deskop). 

    At ArcGIS Pro 2.1, I cannot:

    • create new folders
    • move shapefiles, excel files, or other supported files into, out of, or between folders
    • move folders into different folder structures

    In ArcCatalog, I really appreciated the ability to move shapefiles, geodatabases, and other supported formats between folders using drag and drop because it simplified managing and organizing geospatial data formats that consisted of multiple files (i.e. shapefiles) by moving one "file" and ArcGIS taking care of the rest. The same benefit applies to georeferenced imagery datasets: select and move the dataset, and ArcGIS moved the supporting files (i.e. *.tfw, *.ovr, etc.). 


    I always emphasized this benefit of ArcCatalog over Windows Explorer when introducing college students to ArcMap/ArcCatalog. I would hate to explain to students using ArcGIS Pro that their choices for easy completion of projects and homework assignments are:

    1) Install ArcGIS Desktop (ArcMap, ArcCatalog, etc.) alongside their ArcGIS Pro installation and use ArcCatalog for file management. 

    2) Use Windows explorer and very carefully move shapefiles between folders.